Application provides access to various application-level events as well as performing application-level tasks like opening other applications on the user’s device.



Display the dev tools as a pop-up window. This may not be supported on all platforms, in which case this method will do nothing.

application.on(event, callback)

Registers an event listener for application-level events, which are:

  • start
  • suspend
  • resume
  • urlOpen

application.offerDataToExternalApps(entries, callback)

Creates an Offer for the user to open an element of data in another application. If more than one entry is provided, the most appropriate one will be used for the external application, as determined by the host platform.

This behaves differently between platforms:

  • macOS: The data will be copied to a temporary file with an appropriate filename and opened with the default application
  • iOS: The activity sheet will be presented, following default iOS semantics
  • WinRT: The share ui will be presented, following default Windows 10 semantics

The entries parameter should consist of a series of ExternalDataEntry objects, which are expected to contain the following properties:

  • title: string|undefined
  • content: string|Buffer|undefined - required if location is undefined
  • location: string|undefined - required if content is undefined
  • mimeType: string

The callback will be invoked with an Offer object indicating the result of the operation. No extra fields are present in the offer details.