What is Prism?

Prism is an opinionated framework and runtime for building modern high quality apps across desktop and mobile.

All of your logic is written in JavaScript, with the UI declared in XML. From this, a native app layout is presented to the end-user using native widgets and styling, ensuring that your app fits in amongst its peers on your user’s devices.

Prism is designed with the sole purpose of enabling you to build performant apps that integrate perfectly on every platform without having to rewrite your application multiple times as you would with normal native apps, and without having to jump through hoops trying to make web technologies map to the native world.

The APIs take inspiration from NodeJS and Web Browsers, but with updates to modernise them and ensure your UI remains smooth throughout.

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Getting started

A series of User Guides are available, starting from creating a Hello World through to building complex apps that deal with networking, filesystem operations, geolocation, permission management and more.

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Full API documentation is also available if you want to see all the capabilities of the Prism framework.

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Make a contribution

Prism is fully open source and MIT licensed. If you’ve noticed a feature that’s missing or could use improvement, feel free to file a PR. Prism needs your contributions with both the framework itself and its documentation. Everyone is welcome to contribute!